Morning Walk, Meditation and FIT TIPS are complimentary. Reservations are required for all fitness offerings. Each fitness class accommodates all fitness levels. Weather permitting, they may be conducted outside.

Belly Dancing (50 minutes) $18
Shake, shimmy your way to fitness in this exotic blend of "East meets West."
Candlelight Yoga (50 minutes) $18
Hatha Yoga, performed by candlelight, is designed to help you unwind, relax and restore!
Cardio BootCamp (50 minutes) $18
A perfect balance of strength and cardio training that will make you move and provide an entire body workout. All fitness levels from beginner to advanced are encouraged to attend this class.
CardioSculpt (50 minutes) $18
Blast your metabolism and have fun in this high energy class that combines aerobic and strength training components.
Creative Conditioning (50 minutes) $18
This class is a total body workout that combines a variety of training modalities to strengthen and sculpt muscles.
FIT TIPS (20 minutes) Complimentary
Questions are answered by a Fitness Instructor to facilitate your fitness success. Meets in the Fitness Center.
Get on the Ball (50 minutes) $18
A fun and creative combination of balance, resistance and strength training that conditions your body from head to toe!
Hatha Yoga (50 minutes) $18
A mixed level class consisting of a sequence of postures to reconnect mind, body and breath.
Limber and Tone (50 minutes) $18
This class will firm, tone and tighten. It concludes with an enjoyable, relaxing stretch.
Makin’ Waves! (50 minutes) $18
Looking for the best of both worlds? This invigorating water workout combines cardio with resistance.
Meditation (20 minutes) Complimentary
Breathe. Release. Let go. Reflect. Relax. Just be....
NOTE: Starts promptly at 9am. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.
Morning Walk (50 minutes) Complimentary, weather permitting
Get up and start the day with a brisk 2.5 mile walk guided by a Fitness Instructor. Meets in the Inn Lobby.
Pilates Mat (50 minutes) $18
A complete mind-body workout to enhance core strength and improve flexibility through gentle yet focused exercise.
Pilates with Props (50 minutes) $18
A mat pilates class designed to enhance your strength utilizing a variety of exercise props.
Progressive Relaxation (50 minutes) $18
Engage in a journey that teaches you how to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and calm your mind.
Rhythms (50 minutes) $18
A dance-inspired routine that’s fun, imaginative and will motivate you to move! Each instructor brings a unique style into the studio.
Svaroopa Yoga (50 minutes) $18
A supported style of yoga that uses props, angles and alignments to release deep spinal tension. A mat is used for you to lie on and a chair is used for you to angle your legs and feet. Deep relaxation will be achieved during this class.
Seasonal (Saturday) Devil’s Hopyard Hike (plan 3 hours) $40
Leaves at 9am and returns by noon. Enjoy New England at its best from May to November, weather permitting. Our 2-hour hike is more challenging than a nature walk yet easier than rock climbing. Trek through a spectacular Hemlock forest with scenic views of the Eight Mile River. Wear your hiking shoes and bring your camera. We provide water, fruit and energy bars.
NOTE: This aggressive hike is contraindicated for guests with health limitations.
Tennis Court Rental (60 minute sessions) $25 per hour/per court
Har-tru court rental from Memorial Day Weekend to October 31st, weather permitting. Proper tennis attire required.

Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax.



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