The Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique (EMF) is an energy modality that encourages each client to experience a greater sense of stability and balance in his/her life. It is an EMF vision to foster a reality in which each person recognizes his/her own unique connection to the creative source of all things – the energy of love.

We are now offering 12 phases of the EMF Balancing Technique, each phase containing a distinct form and focus. During the first four phases, the practitioner completes a unique series of movements while you lie fully clothed on a massage table. All of the movements are carried out within the Universal Calibration Lattice, a system in the human energy anatomy extending from the central core of the body to an area approximately two feet from the physical body. There is some contact with the body, but the majority of the session is performed without touching you. The energy session associated with each phase facilitates the experience of one's self as an energetic being.

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The primary benefit of an EMF session is to strengthen the chakra's, which has evolved into a system we now call The Universal Calibration Lattice. The UCL is an extension of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which assist us in the development of our abilities to fully express ourselves. Anyone on the path of conscious personal growth will benefit from having greater knowledge of his or her UCL, as it affects everything we do. Documented benefits of the EMF sessions include profound peace, greater mastery in one's life and improved wellbeing.

Please note: We offer some phases for 50 minutes at $95, 80 minutes at $152 and 100 minutes at $190. Pricing plus applicable gratuity, service charge and sales tax.

Phase 1 – Balancing Wisdom and Emotions (50 minutes)
A Phase 1 session clears and balances the chakras in the front of the body. The clearing helps let go of any thoughts, feelings or emotions that no longer serve you on your journey towards enlightenment. The balancing allows you to receive the energy of love throughout your entire being. An octahedron shaped template is activated to support the changes that occurred during the session.

Phase 2 – Honoring and Integrating your History (50 minutes)
A Phase 2 session clears and balances the chakras in the back of the body. Clearing these chakras will help free you from past events and the emotions and feelings that continue to trigger your day to day life. This session assists you in living with greater freedom as we learn the lesson and the wisdom of our past experiences.

Phase 3 – Living in your Core Energy (50 minutes)
The theme of the Phase 3 session is: "It is not the size of the mountain that wears you out. It is the sand within your shoes." The minor energy chakras, which are the joints of the body, will be cleared during this session. This will allow for greater flow of energy to and from the core and create a greater sense of peace and an overall feeling of being more at home in your own body.

Phase 4 – Manifesting your Potentials (50 minutes)
In Phase 4, any fear and worry will be cleared, whether they are conscious or unconscious. The energy is then redirected towards your hopes, dreams and wishes by making a stronger connection to the core of your being. This session will assist you in strengthening your focus to manifesting and accomplishing exactly what you want in life.

Phase 1 and 2 – This combination session clears and balances all of the chakras in the front and the back of the body
Phase 3 and 4 – This combination session works on strengthening the core and redirecting energy towards what you would like to create in your life.
Phase 1 and 4 – This session includes part of all four of the foundational phases, creating peace that understanding.

Phase 5 – Template of Infinite Love (80 minutes)
A Phase 5 session is great for one that is in the process of working on being more loving. You will pick from 11 noble attributes of mastery, which will be activated in the session. Along with the activation of the template and attributes, life becomes easier to be more loving as you practice these attributes: Courage, Openness, Sincerity, Honest, Initiation, Transformation, Flexibility, Forgiveness, Humor, Creativity and Freedom.

Phase 6 – Template of Infinite Compassion (80 minutes)
In the Phase 6 session, you will receive a clearing in a new energy center called the "Know Knott", which is between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Charka. The Knowing refers to the unique piece of the puzzle that each one of us has, and the Knot refers to the twisted pattern that is unraveled by the clearing and balancing of the session. This session is also great for a person who would like to strengthen their sense of Compassion for themselves and others. The 11 attributes we work with in this session are: Respect, Patience, Humility, Kindness, Compassion, Neutrality, Communication, Joyfulness, Generosity, Gratitude and Balance.

Phase 7 – Template of Infinite Peace (80 minutes)
The Phase 7 session is great if you are looking to become a better person by integrating parts of your personality that correlate with the "skeletons in the closet." The shadow side of our personality is integrated by activating the template of Infinite Presence and choosing attributes to support you: Security, Self-Acceptance, Stillness, Mindfulness, Intuition, Focus, Insight, Purity, Discernment, Understanding and Wisdom.

Phase 8 – Template of Infinite Wisdom (80 minutes)
In the Phase 8 session, we are working with the crown template, an activation of the points of light within the brain and around the crown to expand consciousness and wisdom. There is a mediation in this session that assists in activating these points of light as well as the client choosing attributes that will support the process. The 11 attributes which correlate with this template are: Trust, Integrity, Commitment, Persistence, Integration, Harmony, Peacefulness, Knowledge, Power, Unconditional Love and Enlightenment.

Phase 9 – The Universal Human (100 minutes)
In the Phase 9 session, we introduce the idea that you are the common denominator in every relationship that you have. Whether the relationship be with a person, place, thing or concept. You are a holographic being, meaning what you bring to one relationship, you bring to all of them. By using a concept of creating a third lattice, you and the EMF practitioner explore what the client brings to a relationship of your choice. Through the power of the spoken word and the energy of love, the session subtracts what no longer serves this relationship and strengthens what does. Remember, you can only change what you bring to a relationship. There is no table work to this session. You will watch an animation that explains this concept in greater detail. With the guidance from the EMF practitioner, you will focus on manifesting and managing your energy through the Third Lattice of your choice.

Phase 10 – The Universal Parent (100 minutes)
In the Phase 10 session, we introduce the concept of the Infinite 1 (which is the core of your being where we are all one) and the Individual 1 (which is your life as you know it right now). We begin to identify the differences and infuse the Infinite 1 through the Individual 1 by filling in the missing facets of our childhood; releasing your parents and becoming your own universal parent. There is no table work to this session. You will watch an animation that explains this concept and you will create a template with guidance from the practitioner for your session. This is a profound gift of wholeness for all generations.

Phase 11 – The Universal Partner (100 minutes)
In the Phase 11 session, we identify male and female attributes which need to be strengthened with you and further infuse the energy of a pure union generated within your core (Infinite 1) and calibrate through your Lattice (Individual 1) which produces the consciousness of newly found self-love. There is no table work to this session. You will watch an animation that explains this concept and you will create a template with guidance from the practitioner for your session.

Phase 12 – The Emerging Evolutionary (100 minutes)
In the Phase 12 session, we begin to create you as the New Human living within the energetic transformation for the New Earth! With this profound new expression of self, you will know you have transformed, and you will be equipped with new tools to manage your evolution. During the session, you will focus on an aspect of your life you wish to expand to its highest potential. There is no table work to this session. You will watch an animation that explains this concept and you will create a template with guidance from the practitioner from your session.


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